The Story Behind this Site

What follows is a great story about six friends that are changing their lives, right this minute, as I write this.

Hi, I’m Jordan. I’m the son of PJ, who came up with this idea, but I’ll explain all of that in a minute.

First, I’ll let you know what this site is all about. Essentially, this site will be a collection of stories by contributors (centered around six “fast friends” who love to ride their bikes) about how they changed their lives by getting more active and doing things they never dreamed of.

Okay, so how about a little background: I’ll let my Dad tell the whole story later, but for now I’ll give you the “Reader’s Digest” version. My Dad is a really personable guy. Tells a good story, and is well liked. He’s always been in pretty good shape for a guy his age, but he’s also asthmatic; known athletically for short bursts of speed followed by shortness of breath.

Anyway, one day an acquaintance of his (Al Craigen, another character in this story of ours) asked him if he’d like to go on a bike ride to benefit the BC Lung Association. After very little thought, he agreed. So here are two men, in their fifties, pledging to ride 200 km over two days, with a little less than six months to train.

Well, they did it. And have continued to do “The Trek” for the past six years. But they didn’t stop there. As I write this, they are pedalling down the Oregon Coast, on a 30-day trip from Powell River, BC, Canada, all the way to San Diego, California, USA. 30 days. They have a support van, but no solid laundry plan. In his wisdom, my esteemed father decided that laundering his underwear during this trip would be too much trouble, and that “going commando” was the preferred method. So the clever title of this new blog came from his imagination, not mine.

Indeed, the story gets better. Not only did my father and several of his friends improve their fitness, health, and quality of life (at a time in their life when they are stereotypically expected to be buying convertibles, etc.) but they have also pledged to write a book about their adventures. When you meet these guys (upon their return from the epic adventure of their lifetimes) you’ll begin to understand that even though they are the last people you’d ever expect to author their own book, they are exactly the kind of guys who should.

That’s where I come in. My Dad came to me with the idea of writing a book about their adventure, and I agreed to help. So if you’re still reading this, THAT is the very point of this blog. The stories that have my Father and all of his friends in stitches each morning as they pedal their bikes together, week-in and week-out before work, and the stories that come of their latest adventure, will be the same stories that in time will become a published book. In the meantime though, it is a blog.

To get things rolling, I’d love to hear from anyone who knows these “road warriors,” and has any words of encouragement. Or, if you’ve experienced a similar paradigm shift in your middle age, and you want to share a tale, then by all means, submit it. The easiest way to contribute here is to comment on each post, in the little link below that says comments. Or email us at for all submissions, photos, and other contributions to this project.

Oh yeah, one more thing. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Canadian Lung Association. It has been the charity of choice for these five heroes, and considering my Dad’s lifelong battle with asthma, it seems very fitting, at least to me. If you are feeling all gooey from this story, please feel free to click through to their site and donate.

That’s all for now, but lots to come.





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3 responses to “The Story Behind this Site

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    It’s easy to leave one, just leave your name, email and a web address if you like, and speak your mind!

  2. Dani

    Mom is being mean to me and I am sick. She may not get me a birthday present, you better pick up two for me then. Ha Ha, Where are you, you don’t call, hope your day is great, come home soon, Mom is painting and “cleaning” YIKES she says she is selling the house and not leaving a forwarding address for you. But no I really want you to have a great time, but mom really is painting! don’t tell her i told you

  3. Lois

    Greetings to the guys from all the Shinglemill ball team. We did some “drafting” of our own last night at PJ’s “birthday party”…but we miss you Fred and PJ! Happy pedalling, and be safe. And keep your eyes on the road! Barb was saying there’s some distractions out there……!?

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