More News from the Road

We had two new comments this morning, one of which contained an update from the boys on the road. First, we heard from Laura Craigen, Allan’s wife.


Doug emailed me the website yesterday and the story did bring a tear to my eye. It is truly an amazing story and one I am sure will bring many a laugh, especially if you know these guys.

Have lots of fun, miss ya,


It’s pretty cool that FREE technology like this is making it possible to keep everyone up to date, and give the guys a chance to check in daily to read about themselves. Doug, Real, if you’re reading this, send us lot of updates while you’re still out there, we’d love to hear from you. Dad, keep taking good notes!

Our second comment was from Dave Craigen, Al’s brother, with news from the road:

Good luck guys, (from brother of Al) Update September 18:

Just heard from Alan this morning @ 7am, just before they were heading out for their toughest hill climb to date. He said they are in Creston, California and hope to get in 120 kms today (if the big hill doesn’t wear them down.) They loved the Oregon Coast, and the views were spectacular. Weather has been good, but maybe expecting rain today or tomorrow.

Lots of sore butts, but they expected that going in. Which makes you wonder why ‘commando’ would be better? Oh well, PJ will tell us how that fares, I am sure. Have a great time, be safe, and may the wind be at your back the rest of the way!

Dave C.

There you have it folks, they’re halfway through Cali, which means they are probably feeling close to their destination, but California is a big State, and a bike seat can be incredibly unforgiving, especially when said seat is soaking wet. As Dave says, we’ll have to see whether my Dad’s plan of going bare-balls under his shorts proves to be a wise manouver. If I had to guess, not everybody shares his belief that this is the more practical way, but it certainly makes it a lot much funnier. How else would I find an excuse to say bare-balls?

So, from me, God-speed you six determined Road Heroes…You’re making us proud, and as you can see, your families miss you.


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