Laura Wants to Know…

The real story behind their little mishap on the first day. And what’s this we hear about some nicknames?

Well, guys?

Also, we got a comment tonight from Auntie Kay from Toronto!



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3 responses to “Laura Wants to Know…

  1. Janis

    Well, it’s September 20th (where I am, anyway). I’m very far away in Antibes, France. I already miss my dad a LOT, and of course I’m very inspired by him and what he’s doing. I just want to take this opportunity to wish my Dad, that’s PJ, a very happy 55th birthday! I hope you guys celebrate it right, I know you will.

    Love your extremely proud daughter, Janis XOXO

    P.S. I’m also very proud of my big bro, who created this multimedia masterpiece!!

  2. I must echo Janis’ sentiments in wishing PJ a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY – hope you have a fantastic day and that the other lads don’t make you work too hard!

    To the rest of the fellas, you’re doing us all proud and I wish you all the very best of luck, good health and good fortune for the remainder of your journey!

    Lastly, top Blog here Jords… you’re going to do me out of a job soon damn you!

  3. Barbara

    Happy birthday Superman, from your Lois Lane. Love you, miss you!

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