Well Wishes From Home

I want to write about all of the great stories that my dad told me last night on the phone, but I think this is more important…

There are comments piling up on the site all over the place, which I think is remarkable, especially since my increasingly popular marketing blog NEVER gets this many comments, and my subscribers are all familar with blogs. I know that many of our recent commenters are just discovering this kind of thing, and that makes me all warm and fuzzy, to say nothing of the touching things people are saying in those comnments. It proves one thing, that there is definitely a lot of support and respect for what these guys are doing.

So rather than bring all of you excited site visitors up to date with all of the crazy stories from the road (we’ll get to that, I promise) I think it’s more important that I compile some of the great comments we’ve received, so that when the guys check in tonight, they will be that much more encouraged to press on.

And so, without further adieu, here they are. The first is from Jessa, at the BC Lung Association:

Many thanks for this! Looks and sounds amazing – and I’m loving the title of the book, although slightly perturbed as well of course 🙂

Do you know if there has been publicity surrounding this at all?

I would be happy to see how we can get involved if this is something they would like.

Please pass on our thanks of support and do let us know if

we can support them in any way as well!

I will make sure to send them an email –

Best wishes,


Next up is Shannon:

Way to go guys! How exciting it was to check my email and have an update sent to us by Laura. Mark is working late. Yes, Al…late! So he will look forward to catching up on your trip when he gets home. First day of rain. Nice to have the weather and season change. Well, we will look forward to more updates.
xox Have fun… Shannon

My favourite cousin, Heidi:

Hi guys,

I am the neice of P.J, no make that the proud neice of P.J.!!! You guys are amazing, keep your chins up (literally) and stay gold ponyboys…thinking of you all and wishing you a safe and speedy trip.

Love Heedee.

One from Fred’s brother Peter, who met them in Victoria, followed by the picture he mentions:

I’m Fred’s good looking brother from Victoria. You can’t quite see me as I’m the one taking the photo which has my wife Leah holding up the sign “Go Guys Go.” That was taken at the Coho Ferry Terminal in Victoria which took them to Port Angeles, Wa. That was on day two of their trip, and as you can see by the road rash on some legs, the first day was memorable. At the time I was thinking if this 6 pack of Powell Riverites gets thru the US customs without being arrested, the rest of the trip would be easy, after all its all downhill on the map!

We’re happy to hear their well on their way and wish them a safe journey.

(Leah cheerleads while the guys gear up for Day 2)
Here’s another from my Mom:

Got a call from P.J. tonight, they are in Eureka staying at a nice place, the Red Lion Inn. They climbed 2 big hills today, a total of 135 km. Good job boys! Onward and upward!

From Fred’s Debbie:

Hi guys. Fred just told me you had this website so I thought I should add my two cents. I worry about you guys on the road, but I’m also very proud of you and I hope this trip turns out to be everything you hoped it would be. A lot of people have been inquiring as to how your doing and send their best. I miss you Fred. Did you bring any underwear?

Love Debbie

From My Auntie Glenda, who calls herself…Ding? Huh?

Hi Guys,

I think of you all often, especially my bro PJ. I’m sure you are having the time of your lives. (Well the best time possible with out your loving wives along.) I had to add that; Barb will most likely read this. Stay safe, have fun; I look forward to the unedited book, & the family get -together to hear all your great stories.

Love Ding

From Deb and Dou (could be a typo…Doug?)

Looking good you guys. Quite a trek, and nice to see you upright. Be safe and lots of laughs. Happy riding!

Auntie Donna and John:

Hi guys,

Just want to say way to go!!! We are so proud of you all, but most of all big bro; you are living life large every day, as you always do. You gotta love it. Be safe and peddle on…and on…and on…We are looking forward to the book. Love you…

Donna & John

From Trish:

Heya guys. I just got word that you had this site, so I thought Id better give it a boo. Well done so far boys; I hope your having a wicked time. Looks and sounds like a painful blast. Good luck, I send ya warm fuzzies.

p.s. My dad can beat up ur dads =) (Editor’s note: I’d like to see him try it. 🙂 )

From Dani:

Hey guys, hope your having fun. Make sure you take care of my dad, he needs to bring me home a birthday present.

luv dani

From Michelle, who likes the site (Thank you Michelle) and is encouraged by their example:

Hey there,

As a relative outsider, I have to say “way to go guys” on an amazing venture! I work for PJ’s brother, Warren, so I knew a bit about the trip but to see it unfolding on this site is great!

As a novice, but now very inspired cyclist, I feel for you (well, ok, I am female and haven’t gone commando on the bike, so maybe not to the same degree!) Can’t wait to read the book! Keep at ‘er!

From my brother Wes, the jokester (lol stands for laughing out loud, if you’re not savvy)

I go 30 days without underwear all the time. Maybe I can start a reality TV show. lol. Anyways, I can’t tell you how proud I am of you guys. You’re all in better shape than I am. Looks like you’re having a great time. We all enjoy the pictures and the updates, so keep ’em comin’.


And last but certainly not least, received just minutes ago, from PJ’s (and my Great) Auntie Yvonne!

Hi P.J.

Just a little note to tell you how proud I am of you! Boy you sure have come a long way since being a little boy suffering so terribly with asthma. Who would ever thought you would be doing this one day? Go Nephew, Go! God Love ya all!!

Aunty Yvonne

Now, I too am getting choked up. Judging by the comments pouring in, I’d say my Mom gets this week’s Word of Mouth Award. For everyone reading, tell your friends. We may be getting some help and cooperation from the BC Lung Association, so all of that riding will eventually be translated into some great charitable donations as well, even long after the fact.

If anyone wants to contribute to the project, you can email me: jordanbehan@gmail.com or the project itself: emailthirtydays@gmail.com.

Thanks very much for reading and commenting…and don’t stop! I’ll stay up late every night getting the updates posted live, it’s the least I can do from the comforts of my office chair with my warm, clean underwear on, while my dad pedals well over 120 km each day all the way down to Mexico!





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7 responses to “Well Wishes From Home

  1. Laura & Brad

    Hey Guys,
    Thinking of you all often, with sheer proudness!!
    You all are the proof that you can still be in gerat shape even when you are old. (lol) Don: my friend, who is slightly behind the techno times sends hugs and kisses, she also promises to rub your sore bit upon your arrival home. To my big brother P.J., you sure are paving the way for a hard act to follow! I would also like to say that although the group of peddlers are champs, three cheers to Jeanene for taking care of all the “sore bits” and keeping up the guys strength on the road. You Rock sista! Brad suggests a few Amber Rums at the first sign of weakness. Stay strong and we look forward to all your stories when you get home. Love ya.

  2. A Big ‘Happy Birthday’ going out to P.J. ‘Way to go’ to all you guys, what a exciting trip to be doing.
    Heres hoping you receive a large tube of vasaline for your birthday. The butt’s gotta be sore……or does it just become like the bottom of your feet? Can any one of you answer this question?
    Great site (blog) Jordy, nice to follow along on their trip. Happy cycling!

  3. Dorothy aka Grammadot

    Happy Birthday to the best son-in-law in the world.!!! Go PJ Go !!!

  4. Happy Birthday PJ
    Ride Ride Ride just as hard as you can
    Another year older
    but no where close to being an old man!
    Love Ding aka Glenda
    Rob says hello & Happy Birthday

  5. Doris (Fred's sister)

    Hi Fred

    Sounds like your having the time of your life. Sure am proud of you guys. It’s great that were able to follow the story and can hardly wait to hear about it when you get back. Keep peddling you guys and take care.

    p.s. What is that about drafting “Fred”?

    Luv Doris

  6. Hi Guys.
    What an awsome website. PJ, I meet yours sister Donna at a Wine and Cheese on saturday and she gave me this site. I think you guys have done a marvelous thing and I think all of Powell River is very poroud of ALL of you. Looking forward to talk to and see you, PJ and Fred when you are back in town. Best wishes to you all and a safe trip back.


  7. The other side of the family

    Hey Fred,

    I am following your bike ride everyday, what a hoot.
    You guy have sure put on the miles.
    Keep up the the good work, the family are pulling for you.
    You take care of you.
    See you when you get home so we can hear all the story’s


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