Happy Birthday PJ

Today is my Dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! As Laura Craigen pointed out in an email, September 8 was Al’s birthday, so both of them turned 55 while on this trip. She also sent an e-card to the email address I set up for this site. Just for fun, why don’t we all check it out. (Click the underlined words to view)

(on the left, PJ in Lund. At right is Rigel Wong and Al Craigen at the 2004 Trek)

And this morning I woke up to comments from as far away as Brisbane, Australia and Antibes, France. The latter was from Janis, who misses her dad:


Well, it’s September 20th (where I am, anyway). I’m very far away in Antibes, France. I already miss my dad a LOT, and of course I’m very inspired by him and what he’s doing. I just want to take this opportunity to wish my Dad, that’s PJ, a very happy 55th birthday! I hope you guys celebrate it right, I know you will.

Love your extremely proud daughter, Janis XOXO

P.S. I’m also very proud of my big bro, who created this multimedia masterpiece!!

Later it was Wes who would comment:

55 Birthday Bumps from your Buddies on your Bike trip? That’s gotta hurt. This one comes all the way from North Burnaby. Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Not to be outdone, Mom:

Happy birthday Superman from your Lois Lane. Miss you, love you!

Gag! Choke!! Then I received an email from Michelle Stevens, who sent photos (from a camera phone, maybe??) of the birthday party that Dad could not attend:

(The Shinglemill crew raise their glasses to PJ)

And here’s her msg:

Happy Birthday P.J. just a few shots of the party being held in your honor. I had to delete the X rated one Of Mark and Barb!!! the Shingle Mill will send you the bill for the party! have a great day and heh….. Happy Birthday xox Shannon and Mark. RIDE ON!

We also received a comment from some cousins in Castlegar. No one is going to beat my designer Rob from Australia for being furthest away, but let’s see how far we can spread the word, people! By the way, not only did my good mate and graphic designer Rob Masefield leave a comment, but he also wrote us up in his blog: Click here to read it for yourselves.



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8 responses to “Happy Birthday PJ

  1. Rosalie Payne

    Happy Birthday PJ. From a much younger cousin it is great to know that at 55 you can still ride a bike. From Brett and I and all of your cousins in North Battleford a very Happy Birthday and way to go!!

  2. 55 Birthday Bumps from your Buddies on your Bike trip? That’s gotta hurt. This one comes all the way from North Burnaby. Happy Birthday Papa!!!

  3. Bill, Joanne & Cooper Adams

    Happy birthday PJ from Bill, Joanne & Cooper: Cooper just had his 3rd birthday yesterday & would like to wish his Uncle Peej a happy one wherever he is. Sounds like everyone is having a good time with all that drunken debauchery. Glad to hear there have been no further mishaps. Hope the rest of the trip is enjoyable too.

  4. Barbara

    Happy birthday Superman from your Lois Lane. Miss you, love you!

  5. Alex Lee Behan

    Pops (aka PJ)! You ARE Superman.. not to mention a PR expert’s dream come true… (right Jordan?) I tried to call you on your birthday but apparently you don’t answer your cell when it rings… and no voicemail. Just wanted to say Happy BIG 55! You are my hero too. Hope you didn’t spend today TOO hung over… Love Alex Behan

  6. Paddy Behan

    Hi P.J. and the rest of you guys! I was wondering how much longer you are going to be away cause my hair is getting pretty long…..Hahahahah
    Just want you to know I`m thinking of you and am proud to call you son.
    Love Dad xox

  7. Brenda Powell

    Happy Freedom 55 PJ and Al…it looks and sounds like you are having way too much fun…wait a minute..there is no such thing as way too much fun…so carry on…as you were….and I wouldn’t “go commando” in San Fran. if I were you…just a thought….Take care..pedal safe all you geezers!!!

  8. Diana Caldarone

    PJ… not sure when the exact day of your birth is but HAPPY Birthday! you seem to be getting YOUNGER every year…since the few times i make it back home i see you crusing with your motor cycle, (thanks for the ride that one time) i hear about you travelling, and now THIS crazy journey…good to see you guys out there and GOOD LUCK! say hi to Al for me!

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