Garberville, The Fog is On the Water

Almost forgot about this: An e-card for the guys from

Many thanks to Laura Craigen for up-to the minute updates to the email address: She sent this update shortly after speaking to Al:

Hi Jordan,

Heard from Allan this morning. Like 6:00 something A.M. His ass is sore, I showed no sympathy!

He said they travelled from a town called Garberville, he said it was like another world.

Yesterday they stopped for lunch at a little town called Gualala, “where water meets” (translated) located on the Coast of Mendocino County, 1900 people. Beautiful scenery, although he did say that riding a bike is amazing cause you see everything. They have also met up and crossed paths with a couple of groups cycling for Cancer and Lung.

Last night they stayed at Salt Point State Park.

He said they may make San Francisco tonight, not sure though.

Could hear the guys in the background chomping at the bit to get going.


Asked if they leave their cell phones on, Reply was: Well they don’t work. Well my take on that is, if you turn them on they might work. I said the Peak would be calling them in the next few days, and again a little voice in the background, Allan yelling I will just be a second.

He is calling tonight so if you want to set up a time for tomorrow for the Peak to call them that probably could be arranged.

Let me know and then we will have them all in one area at the same time.

(J: Luke has Janine’s cell # that you sent Laura, so I’ll leave it up to him to try to intercept them once they’re in range of cell service again. Last I heard, San Francisco was pretty wired, so they should be able to send emails, read up on here, the works)

Asked them if they got into the web site and he said they haven’t. I think maybe a few of them are computer and cell phone illiterate so that tells it all. I will keep you posted if I hear anything else.

P.S. Oh ya the fog is on the water, not sure what that means but I think it means the weather is nice today.

Last night, my mom emailed me, she thinks the cell phone reception thing is true:

I couldn’t get hold of Dad last night, I guess the cell phones were out of area again. Either that or he forgot to turn it on after riding. I think they probably couldn’t get reception because it looks like they haven’t checked the web page either. I think they will probably get to San Francisco tomorrow. Wednesday they were in Fort Bragg which was still 170 miles from San Fran, so that would probably take 2 days. They want to go through there and have lots of time to take pictures so I’m predicting that they will stay somewhere just outside of the city tonight. Anyway, I will let you know if I hear from him today. How is your day going? (J:Great Mom,yours?)

And this morning, we received another email to that above address, this one from Michele Sauve:

A big hello from the Sauve family. Let me start by saying how proud we are of all of you. I won’t say inspired because I have to tell you there is no way on this God’s earth you would get this butt on a bike that many days in a row. I would be more inspired to mosey downstairs to the beer fridge for a nice cold orange california cooler(see we’re thinking california too) to sip on while we read all the e:mails and get caught up on your progress. Kudos to you Janine, for taking such good care of our boys, can’t wait to meet you for coffee and get the “real blog”. I hear that lambs wool is a great buffer for blisters in obscure area’s. Let us know if it helps. Anyways, we wish you all a safe journey and know that we are all thinking about you at home. Michele

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