A Call from PJ, Pics from Real

Sorry for the delay with this update, but the technical difficulties have been dealt with, and I can finally publish the photos I received from Real, also see below for more updates from the road:

(l to r: PJ Behan, Doug Peel, Don Tataryn, Fred Werner and Al Craigen.  In the foreground in the arm of Real Segouin)

(The guys take a breather at the roadside)

(A tiny cake for Al’s birthday)

I spoke to my Dad twice in the last couple of days, and get brought up to date on their trip the last few days. I’ll give a quick update here.

Yesterday they went from Santa Cruz, to Moneterey, through to Carmel, and then back to Monterey. There was “no room at the inn” for our weary travels in Clint Eastwood’s town of Carmel, so they had to double-back to Monterey to find a Howard Johnson. A total of 122 clicks on a day when they were supposed to do only 60-70 and get some much needed rest.

The theme song for the last few days has been “Strawberry Fields Forever” by the Beatles, as they have pedalled through miles of brussels sprouts, avacado and especially strawberry farms. They even stopped to “borrow” a few strawberries.

The Golden Gate was a highlight from two days ago, Dad says that hundreds of people are pedalling over it at any given time. I guess renting bikes and riding over the bridge is a popluar tourist activity. Yesterday they rolled through a place called Sand City, and along the beach on a bike path in Monterey. He said it was “what you dream about on a bike trip to Southern California,” along the shore. Families on their bikes, girls on rollerblades, tons of activity and sunshine.

They’ve had their share of adversity though; they got lost yesterday, the day before my dad had to get parts replaced on his bike, Fred is blowing spokes on one of his wheels everyday, and Real has the record with seven flats! Also, Fred ran right over a dead deer on the side of the road. Roadkill is common, and they have seen many a dead raccoon, deer and other unidentifiable species that gave their lives at the side of the freeways. Some live creatures have been spotted too, the most surprising being a herd of elk crossing the street.

When things aren’t 100%, there is a mantra that Real repeats to set them at ease: “Things will work out. They always do.”

My dad agrees: “You know what? He’s right. They have, so far.”

Lastly, my Auntie Donna wanted me to post this comment out in the open; it’s froma big fan of this blog who reads everyday:

Hi P.J. and the rest of you guys! I was wondering how much longer you are going to be away cause my hair is getting pretty long…..Hahahahah

Just want you to know I`m thinking of you and am proud to call you son.

Love Dad xox



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2 responses to “A Call from PJ, Pics from Real

  1. Laura

    Hi Allan,

    Well quite a different look from the first day you got off the ferry in Comox. There were reports you guys were all decked out in your biking gear, all in a pack, looked like you were jocking for first place in the Tour de France and now half dressed, sitting around with towels on your head, what a difference 18 days makes. Photos don’t lie, life is one big party and the cake proves it.

  2. Real Sigouin

    Jannine & I are having a fantastic time! we just realized there is less than one week left, as now in Seal Beach, California (Los Angeles) and will miss all the guys and the fun we are having day to day!!!

    This is a bike ride we will not forget! the best time of our lives! and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to try and do it!!!

    Cheers everyone!

    Real & Jannine Sigouin – one of the riders and wife driving the support vehicle.

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