Hollywood Here They Come!

My mom sent me an email with an updates from the last few days:

I talked to Dad yesterday. They had lunch in Pismo Beach at a restaurant right on the beach. They rode 90 miles yesterday, about 145 km and stayed the night near Lompoc. They are going to do a couple of shorter days now, about 60 miles (95 km). They might take a day off in the L.A. area. Things are going great, but they are very tired at night after doing their laundry.

We’ll just have to wait and see what kinds of stories come from their “day off in the LA area.”

In other news, it was confirmed with me last night by Katrina from the BC Lung Association that a story (by me) about the guys will be published in their newsletter “Your Health,” which has a circulation bigger than the entire population of Powell River! Also, if any Riverites haven’t already seen it, there is a story in this week’s Peak. (Thank you to Luke Brocki, Laura Walz and of course Joyce Carlson!) Please save us the clippings!

Because I know Mrs. Carlson would approve, I offer first a permanent link to www.prpeak.com, and now the entire story by Luke Brocki:

Friends pedal the coast
Six Powell River guys in their 40s and 50s are pedalling their bikes to San Diego.
The Peak caught up with one the riders, PJ Behan, in Monterey, California, after a gruelling days’ ride.

We’re on day 20 tomorrow,” said Behan, 55, via telephone. “It’s going really well. We do about 20 kilometres an hour; five or six hours a day on the seat.”

Behan’s five friends are Al Craigen, Doug Peel, Real Segouin, Don Tataryn and Fred Werner.

When the cycling is done for the day, Behan calls his son Jordan and recounts the day’s events. Jordan acts as the group’s scribe and webmaster and will eventually write a book about the trip.

“We’ve set up a blog to keep everyone, including the riders themselves, up to date on their progress,” Jordan told the Peak in an email. “The stories and anecdotes they gather from life on the road will be compiled into a book: 30 Days with No Underwear.”

For now, Jordan assembles the group’s stories online at thirtydays.wordpress.com.

When the book gets written, 50 per cent of the proceeds from its sales will go the BC Lung Association, Jordan said. “It has been the charity of choice for these six heroes, and considering my dad’s lifelong battle with asthma, it seems very fitting,” he wrote in the blog.

PJ said the no underwear idea has been abandoned after some unpleasant experiences with cornstarch and Vaseline, but still thinks it would make a great title for the book that is to follow.

The crew of six hasn’t taken a day off since the tour kicked off in Powell River. They are accompanied by a support van and are staying in motels for the duration of the trip. The trip is on schedule, said PJ, who expects to roll into San Diego in early October. The riders plan to fly home on Saturday, October 7.

LONG RIDE: Discomfort killed the no underwear idea, but the bike trip is still about 30 days with six friends pedalling from Powell River to San Diego. Commando or not, here are Powell River bikers [left to right] Fred Werner, Al Craigen, Doug Peel, PJ Behan, Don Tataryn and Real Segouin.


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One response to “Hollywood Here They Come!

  1. Noni Kerrs

    Hi, saw the article in the Peak and decided to check out the website. Question: are you guys now wearing your underwear under your bike shorts? Bike shorts meaning those tighter-fitting ones with the pad sewn in. What with seams and cotton and perspiration, underwear next to skin – that’s what sounds painful!
    Another question – are any of the guys currently posting comments on this website? I can’t tell if there is any interactivity going on, i.e. responses to Commenters’ questions (I’d be interested in hearing for example their responses to Frank’s questions…).
    Lastly, microbrew or MGD? You gotta try a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, yummm…
    Good luck to all, Noni Kerrs

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