Day Off? Give Us Some Answers!

My Mom’s update from yesterday said that the guys will be riding some shorter days, and may even take a day off in the LA area. I think that should give them a chance to respond to some of the questions that have been posted here.

Laura had some in one of the first posts on this site, and then Frank had a few fun ones just a few days ago. This morning, I awoke to another comment, this one from Noni Kerrs, who saw the story in the Peak (awesome!) and had a few more questions for the guys:

Hi, saw the article in the Peak and decided to check out the website. Question: Are you guys now wearing your underwear under your bike shorts? Bike shorts meaning those tighter-fitting ones with the pad sewn in. What with seams and cotton and perspiration, underwear next to skin – that’s what sounds painful!

Another question – are any of the guys currently posting comments on this website? I can’t tell if there is any interactivity going on, i.e. responses to Commenters’ questions (I’d be interested in hearing for example their responses to Frank’s questions…).

Lastly, microbrew or MGD? You gotta try a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, yummm…

Good luck to all, Noni Kerrs

I’m with you on this one Noni. I’ve been keeping track, and here’s what we’ve gotten from the road so far: Pics from Doug Peel, after a few days into the ride. We also got a batch of pics from Real just a few days back. My Dad has called in with updates, and that is much appreciated. But so far, Al has been the only one to comment directly on the site, and I haven’t heard a peep from Don, who has to be the most technologically inclined (after all, his hair isn’t even grey!). So Don, or Dad, or Doug, you’re up. Now that you guys are in Hollywood, it’s time to give your fans what they want, and answer some of their questions.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Click the link directly below this article that says ” (#) Comments.” (This is how to read the ones that have been left, too)
  2. Leave a comment with an update, and maybe an anecdote or two.
  3. Hit “Post” at the bottom.
  4. An email will be sent to me automatically, and I can post your response out in the open.

Easy-peasy. That’s why Auntie Kay, Auntie Yvonne, Grandma Dot, Grandpa Behan and Al have all managed to figure it out. Although I suspect that Grandpa Behan had help…



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6 responses to “Day Off? Give Us Some Answers!

  1. Sondri Esses

    Hey ,hey! to all the above! after all this is a GREAT ADVENTURE even for us at home that live through you vicariously. Your giving us all a place to dream ourselves. I’m seruiosly thinking 40 days “no nikkers( hmmm sounds familliar) and sundresses”. I love it! thanks for jumping on the saddle and doing your dream,and passing on the bananas to us.
    Don, I know you know how to write…what up!young guy!
    Enjoy and soak the last days up guys, Here’s to you and the micro brews.
    Sondri Esses

  2. warren

    all this talk about beer, what about amber rum? PJ looked a little heavy in the last photos, is he really riding all that way?or is it a bad camera angle.
    keep reeling them in.

  3. Noni Kerrs

    Good point, Warren – they do have the “sag” vehicle (hmm, wonder why they call them that…) – who knows how many of them are actually riding their bikes every day, vs. getting a cushy ride in the captain’s chair of a minivan (LOL)…

    Seriously, here’s another question for the guys: how are everyone’s bikes holding up? Any mechanical issues or smooth sailing? What do you now realize you should have set up differently (i.e. drop handlebars, wearing a camelback vs. water bottles, etc.)?

    Enjoy, everyone, and say hi to Shamu for me…

    Noni K.

  4. Laura

    Heard from Allan and they are staying in Ventura, California, weather a bit cooler, absolutely beautiful beaches. The next few days are going to be beach days, not sure what that means, drive through, swim or just play. They think it will take about another 5 days to get to San Diego. Janine is spoiling them, making them great meals. Tonight is a chili night. You go Janine! Allan said the food is really good and Janine is looking after them. Thanks Janine, remember the black mail and the payments for all the stories that only you hear. I asked Allan if they had been on the site and he said they do not have internet in most of the places they stay. Told him to get his butt down to the library and pay for internet and be answering some questions, send some photos etc. He said hopefully within the next few days. Sort of think that won’t be happening, if it hasn’t happened yet. He said he is sore and tired but they are accomplishing what they set out to do and have had wonderful experiences in doing so. All is well with the guys and Janine, We miss you, stay safe and see you next week.
    Love Laura
    PS The kids give you a big hug and say they miss you and love you. Can hardly wait until you get home

  5. Steve Dull

    I left Powell River with these guys on September 6th, just coincidentally beginning a bicycle ride to San Diego on the same day. My trusty single-speed, coaster-brake Schwinn Cruiser carried me to Santa Barbara, where I concluded my ride due to time constraints. At the pace I had established, I would have reached the border in three more days, but needed to get back to Powell River. I arrived back home a few days ago via Amtrak and Pacific Coastal Airlines. The last time I saw these guys was in Qualicum Beach, where they had stopped for lunch the first day. As I rode down the Pacific Coast, I thought often of these guys, wondering where they were and how they were doing. When I reached Pacifica (just south of San Francisco), I called Warren, who informed me that the group had reached Eureka, and were having a great time. Yesterday, Frank Chrinko told me that they had reached San Francisco, then I read in The Peak that they had reached Monterey. Now I know they have pedaled through Santa Barbara to Ventura. Even if it’s true that these guys are spending more time drinking beer than riding, I can readily attest to the fact that they have had a good workout. Congratulations guys!
    My ride? 2486 kilometers from Powell River to Santa Barbara, averaging 130 kilometers a day for 19 days. Longest day? 190 kilometers from Gualala to San Francisco (riding across the GG Bridge at dusk). Shortest day? 50 kilometers from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay (due to needed bike maintenance in SF and the previous day’s grueling ride). Toughest day? 160 kilometers from Seaside, CA to San Simeon (the guys will know what I’m talking about). Best part of trip? Probably the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway between Klamath and Orick in CA (long downhill after a short climb, remarkably little traffic, and HUGE redwoods). Worst part? Clearcuts and traffic (enough said). Best meal? A bowl of Menudo at La Costa in Davenport, CA. Worst meal? More bad meals than I can count (the guys will probably agree with me that bad meals taste pretty good and are greedily consumed when on the road). Biggest surprise? No flats (Michelin Town and Country tires). Actually, because of my one gear, I may have put as much wear on the soles of my shoes as on my bicycle tires.
    As I’ve twice bicycled solo across the United States, this Pacific Coast trek wasn’t the ride of a lifetime. It was, however, a ride I won’t soon forget. I’m sure these guys won’t forget their experiences anytime soon, either. Again, my congratulations!

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