The time right now is 2:39.

Photo by dmealiffe
At 1:07 this afternoon, my dad left me a message on my cell phone, saying they had touched down at the border.  At 1:31, I received this comment from Laura Craigen:

Allan called today and at 1:06 they hit the border, made it safe and sound,  photo shoot as proof they made it and then back to the motel.

And so there you have it.  Just a few minutes after one o’clock today, a dream that was over a year in planning and 28 long days of pedalling in the making, was finally realized.

I can’t wait to see the pictures.



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8 responses to “Touchdown.

  1. Patrick Nesbitt

    Congratulation boys,

    You guys have been inspiring.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hey PJ!! and the gang…

    Congratulations on making it to Mexico! Now go put your feet up with a bucket of Corona’s!

    Can’t wait to read the book!!

    Love Alex

  3. Laura

    Congradulations!!!! to all of you, you must be so excited, and maybe a little sore!!!!!!!!!We should all have 1/2 your energy, way to go. From Diana(Al ‘s cousin in Prot Alberni)

  4. Laura

    Congrats to Allan and the guys. We are living through you this month and have enjoyed all of the pics. Vicki Cook and Ron Zwicker

  5. Shelley

    You made it! Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear your stories when you get home. Have a Corona for us….Shelley

  6. Barbara and Janis

    Hey boys, so glad to hear you made it! We are thinking of you as we hike through the Cinque Terre. It is beautiful here, weather is fabulous, we are going swimming this afternoon.
    See you when I get back P.J.
    Love Barbara and Janis

  7. Laura

    Allan called last nite and they went to a baseball game yesterday, took the day off and actually got on a bus (trolley) Sounds like they spent hours on the bus, they probably could have ridden their faster with their bikes. Today they are dismantling their bikes and putting them to rest for the trip home tomorrow. (that has to be emotional for them) We are looking forward to seeing them all on Saturday at the Powell River Airport. If all goes well they should be flying in at 5:20PM. that is if they make it through customs and as we have travelled with Allan be prepared boys to get searched!

  8. tom & lo

    congratulation guys
    knew you’d make it and on schedule too. wish i could have been there. can’t wait to hear the stories.i guess a ride up to mt. washington will be a piece of cake now see you sat at pr
    tom & lo

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