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A Hot Shower or a Cold Beer?

We got a comment from Frank Chrinko of Suncoast Cycles, and he has some questions for the guys:

Hi Gang-

Usually I envy a cyclist who has got a day off of work and is riding while I labor away, stuck in the shop. You guys have all carved a chunk of time out of your lives for this trip and given us true reason for envy! Congrats!

I was wondering:

On those big downhills:

a) sitting up and coasting
b) head down and hammering in the big gear

For energy:

a) candy bar
b) banana

First thing at the end of long day in the saddle:

a) a hot shower
b) a cold beverage

Keep the rubber side down.

-Frank Chrinko

Also, in other news, I’m doing a presentation tonight at a marketing conference called CaseCamp, where marketers from all over Vancouver will present different case studies of marketing projects.

Apologies to my clients, but I’m using this site in my presentation, as an example of effective PR with a blog. The volume and variety of comments, and the obvious word of mouth aspect are what spurred me on to use it. So thanks very much again for your comments, and for those of you who have sent emails thanking and encouraging me, thank you very much for that too. It makes it all worth it.

Cheers! I’m going to have a hot shower and a banana.



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