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10th Annual Tour de Trail Run in Powell River

This Sunday, February 18th, Avid Fitness in Powell River is hosting the 10th Annual Tour de Trail run.

Walkers go at 9:00 AM and runners at 10:00 AM. Every penny raised goes to the local Food Bank. The route follows the trails around West Lake, blasting back on Washout, Blue Trail and then Fred’s Trail.

For more info, contact Avid Fitness: 604-485-9580.



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How a Blog can Become a Book…And Sell.

Great post on One Degree today about how “blogging a book” is good for sales. It’ll help you realize why I knew it was so important to create and maintain this here blog, to promote our upcoming publication. Click on over to read “From Blog to Bestseller.

Bonus link: A few months back I was featured on On Degree with regards to my fancy email signature.


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Home Sweet Home

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update, I hope no one was nail-biting wondering if they’d made it.

The guys are home safe, and back into the swing of things. I’ve talked to my dad a few times since they’ve been back, and we’re planning a “book meeting” for some time in the near future.

What comes next is a bit of a treat. I met a guy named Dane Brown at an event called Barcamp, and again at Casecamp, where I talked about this site. He said that his dad had done the same route years ago, and his sister had written a short story about their ride.

Well, the author of that short story, Laena Brown, has given me permission to publish it here.  By the sounds of things, there’s quite a bit of contrast between the ride my dad took this year, and the ride their dad took all those years ago.  No support truck, no tent, and next to no money.

Laena’s story is in the next post.

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Padres Game and Flying Home

Yesterday the guys caught a playoff Padres game and packed their bikes into boxes for the flight home. Just after 5pm tonight, they should have arrived home in Powell river.

Since my last post about how they had reached the border, there’s been alot of congratulatory comments. I’ve posted most of them below, including an email from Kevin Segouin, Real’s son:

“Well, these guys have caused quite the stir in Powell River. All I hear day in and day out is “Where are those men with no underwear? Have they made it to San Diego? Who was it that crashed in Nanaimo?….and that must have been some eye candy?” I think the boys are going to have lots of explaining to do when they get back to PR. If not, I’m sure the book will shed some light on the many questions Powell Riverites have? There’s one question I would like an answer to. So now that the tour has come to an end, what stretch of the continent do you intend to bike next? Jordy, great job on the site! It could not have come together without your patience and perseverance.”

Kevin, Laura, Payton, & Paige Sigouin

Hi Al,

Haven’t had much time to track your adventure. What a trip!  Congratulations to all of you.

Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give me a call when you get home.


Congratulations boys,

You guys have been inspiring.
Keep up the good work!


Hey PJ!! and the gang…

Congratulations on making it to Mexico! Now go put your feet up with a bucket of Corona’s!

Can’t wait to read the book!!

Love Alex Behan

Congraulations!!!! to all of you, you must be so excited, and maybe a little sore!!!!!!!!!We should all have 1/2 your energy, way to go. From Diana(Al ‘s cousin in Port Alberni)

Congrats to Allan and the guys.  We are living through you this month and have enjoyed all of the pics.

-Vicki Cook and Ron Zwicker

You made it! Congratulations!  Can’t wait to hear your stories when you get home. Have a Corona for us….Shelley

Hey boys, so glad to hear you made it!  We are thinking of you as we hike through the Cinque Terre.  It is beautiful here, weather is fabulous, we are going swimming this afternoon.

See you when I get back P.J.

Love Barbara and Janis  XOXOXO

Congratulation guys

knew you’d make it and on schedule too. wish i could have been there. can’t wait to hear the stories. i guess a ride up to mt. washington will be a piece of cake now see you sat at pr.

tom & lo

Over the next few weeks, we’ll try to publish some stories from the road, and make some headway on the book. Also, if we get any other stories from contributors and riders, we’ll publish those here as well.

Don’t stop reading now, the good stuff is coming!!

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The time right now is 2:39.

Photo by dmealiffe
At 1:07 this afternoon, my dad left me a message on my cell phone, saying they had touched down at the border.  At 1:31, I received this comment from Laura Craigen:

Allan called today and at 1:06 they hit the border, made it safe and sound,  photo shoot as proof they made it and then back to the motel.

And so there you have it.  Just a few minutes after one o’clock today, a dream that was over a year in planning and 28 long days of pedalling in the making, was finally realized.

I can’t wait to see the pictures.


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The End of the Road

Another call from Dad tonight, from a place called Lahoya, by the airport in San Diego. They’re a mere 20 miles from the Mexican border, and will ride there tomorrow for some photos before pedalling back to their motel.

They rode 105 km today, and then Dad and Al walked all over town in Lahoya, that he called a “surfer’s paradise,” all bikini shops, cruiser bike shops and of course, surf shops.

And last night I received two more pics from Real, and it seems they are from all the way back in Oregon. Here they are riding through a tree:

In Other News:

Calling All Artists and/or Graphic Designers!

If you would like to lend a hand to this project, we could use your help. We’d love it if someone would volunteer to help to make a few graphics, including a map of the route the guys took. Anybody know how to make an animated movie in Google Maps?? It’s beyond me…

If you think you can help, email Jordan:



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Rollin’ in the LBC

Not sure whether they ran into Snoop Dogg or not, but last night the guys were in Long Beach County, so you just never know.

(PJ orders a beer at Duke’s Suds Shack. Those calves are ridiculous)

My Dad called last night, and then I spoke to him again tonight. ast night they stayed in Long Beach, which he guessed was a mere two days of riding away from San Diego. The day before they had rolled through Venice Beach, and today they made it past Huntington and Newport Beaches, and arrived in Saun Juan Capistrano. As he explained, they ride through these beach towns on the beachside bike paths for miles and miles, where they can watch the girls, and one can see “more volleyball nets than you would find in all of Canada.” There’s a dozen of them and a lifeguard tower every 50 meteres or so, he says, and the beaches go for as much 5 miles each.

(Don Tataryn looks down a long beachpath stretched out ahead of them)

He said there was one stretch in Anaheim they pedalled through where if they were in a car, the windows would be up and the doors locked. Alas, they were on bikes though. I’m sure they felt quite safe.
Tonight they’re safe and sound just across in the street from Dana Beach in Capistrano, where dad says the palm trees are wrapped in rope lights and there’s a fire burning every few hundred feet on the beach in concrete fire pits. “This is just as good as it can get,” he said of the setting. He was at the BBQ monitoring chicken and pork chopes, while half the crew sat in the hot tub next to him. He said their hotel tonight was especially nice, as they’re taking advantage of off-season rates.

Close to the end of their voyage now, I thought maybe he’d say they were exhausted and looking forward to the end, but it sounds like they might just take it easy and enjoy their last few days. “We’re celebrating our accomplishment.”
“It’s been fun,” he said. “We’ve only got two days of pedalling to do at the most, and about four or five days to do them.”

Soon they will arrive at the end of their voyage, right at the Mexican border, where they will get some photographic evidence that they accomplished what they set out to do. They’re taking it easy now at the finish, and plan to get a hotel tomorrow night near the Mexican border, so they can get there for photos and return for their second night in the same room before they pack up to leave. Janine and Real will take the truck and trailer home, while the guys will fly home.

Their triumphant return is October 7.


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