Here are some photos…They can all be viewed at Flickr, where they are hosted, and there you can comment on them individually, or download them as full size. (Press, etc.)


24 responses to “Photos

  1. Michelle

    Hi Dad,

    I miss you and I love you. Hope you are having fun. I will give mom a kiss and a hug for you.

  2. Hey Michelle…is your Dad on the trip, too?
    Send an email to:, especially if you get any phone updates from the road.

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  4. Barbara

    I am the wife of the laundry challenged cyclist, and the mother of the author. I’m looking forward to the book because then I will hear the real story. Hope you guys are still having fun!

  5. Laura

    Missed Allans call today, but did hear from him yesterday. They were in a place called Crescent City, California. It is located on the North California coast just 20 miles south of the Oregon border. They were staying at the Curly Redwood Lodge. The coastal weather temperature was a breezy 60 degrees (or around there) I believe it was laundry day for some who chose to wear underwear. He said today would be a tough ride. They are all in good health and good spirits.
    We miss you


    P.S. Cindy wants to know how your blisters are and Shelley wants to make sure that good luck charm is working.

  6. Heidi

    Hi guys,

    I am the neice of P.J, no make that the proud neice of P.J.!!! You guys are amazing, keep your chins up (literly) and stay gold ponyboys….. thinking of you all and wishing you a safe and speedy trip. Love Heedee.

  7. Shannon

    Way to go guys! How exciting it was to check my email and have an update sent to us by Laura. Mark is working late. yes, Al….late! So he will look forward to catching up on your trip when he gets home. first day of rain. nice to have the weather and season change. well, we will look forward to more updates xox have fun… Shannon

  8. Al Craigen

    Laura please forward to Shannon. Read Shannon’s remark on the web site and>>>Mark you made my day!!!! keep up the good work! especially the overtime!

    Having a good time, cheers!!!


  9. Barbara

    Got a call from P.J. tonight, they are in Eureka staying at a nice place, the Red Lion Inn. They climbed 2 big hills today, a total of 120 km. Good job boys! Onward and upward.

  10. Hi Guys,
    I think of you all often, especially my bro PJ. I’m sure you are having the time of your lives. (Well the best time possible with out your loving wives along.) I had to add that Barb will most likely read this. Stay safe have fun & I look forward to the unedited book, & family get together to hear all your great stories.
    Love Ding

  11. Michelle

    Hey there,
    As a relative outsider, I have to say “way to go guys” on an amazing venture! I work for PJ’s brother, Warren, so I knew a bit about the trip but to see it unfolding on this site is great!
    As a novice, but now very inspired cyclist, I feel for you (well, ok, I am female and haven’t gone commando on the bike, so maybe not to the same degree!). Can’t wait to read the book! Keep at ‘er!

  12. I go 30 days without underwear all the time. Maybe I can start a reality TV show. lol. Anyways, I can’t tell you how proud I am of you guys. You’re all in better shape than I am. Looks like you’re having a great time. We all enjoy the pictures and the updates, so keep ’em comin’.


  13. Dave Craigen

    Hi everyone, today’s update is: they are in Giberville?? California some 200 miles north of San Francisco, They have another big hill coming tomorrow so they are resting, the one hill mentioned last report turned out to be 6.5 miles long !!!! Al said it was kind of like going up Wildwood hill only 10 times longers (+/-). Sore ankles and the sore R (ass) h, otherwise everyone is safe and sound, keep up the great you guys , 1500 kms down and 1300 more to go,
    “ride like the wind grasshoppers” be careful and have fun!
    Dave C.

  14. Dave Craigen

    Whoops, I forgot to mention that Alan wanted Shelley to know that the good luck charm (Angel) is working and he appreciates her giving it to him. It has kept them safe and he makes sure he has it with him daily.

  15. Aunty Kay

    Hi P.J.
    Sure happy to hear your just about there and in one piece. We are sure proud of you all especally at your tender age. Ha,no really ,that is quiet a feat .Save some energy for the trip back. We are thinking of you and saying the odd prayer too.Aunty Kay (from Toronto) xxoo

  16. Aunty Kay

    Hi P.J.
    Sure happy to hear your just about there and in one piece. We are sure proud of you all especally at your tender age. Ha,no really ,that is quiet a feat .Save some energy for the trip back. We are thinking of you and saying the odd prayer too.Aunty Kay (from Toronto) xxoo

  17. laura & brad

    Happy Birthday P.J. Hope you have had a great day!

  18. Rita(much younger sis to Al)

    Rita H.-(the motorized biker!)
    Sept22/06 7;15p.m.
    Hi all you crazy! bikers,especially my brother Al. Just a quick note to say-you are all crazy, unbelievably fit and we are all proud of you. Glad to hear about this w.s. to follow your journey- have to say to Al and PJ-Joe & I might not be able to come to your rescue on the m.b”s- you’ve biked tooooo far!!(ha ha) Late Happy 55 Birthdays to you bot–all of you have a fun and safe finish to your trip! Love you big brother, take care!Luv your little sis

  19. Ewan

    Hi ya Allan
    I was thinking about you guys the other day as I was out biking in the rain. Thinking putting on sun screen is way more enjoyable than putting on rain gear. Is there any rubber left on thoes tires? As I was going to say tread, but there was none to start with!!! Keep up the good work. Regards from the MacKenzie Clan.

  20. Hi Gang-
    Usually I envy a cyclist who has got a day off of work and is riding while I labor away, stuck in the shop. You guys have all carved a chunk of time out of your lives for this trip and given us true reason for envy! Congrats!
    I was wondering:

    on those big downhills
    a) sitting up and coasting
    b) head down and hammering in the big gear

    for enegy
    a) candy bar
    b) banana

    first thing at the end of long day in the saddle
    a) a hot shower
    b) a cold beverage

    Keep the rubber side down.

  21. Karen

    Hi Real and Janine and the rest of the commando crew. Keep those pedals moving and pictures comming.

  22. Karen Williams

    So proud of you, sounds like everything is going great for you guys.
    While you are biking your butts off, I am sitting on mine at school all day!!
    Anyways, just wanted to say “Hello” and to have fun on the rest of your trip.
    Ta Ta For Now,

  23. Jesika P.

    Hi Gruncle Al (great uncle) Is grandma really MUCH younger than you? Put some underwear on everyone, pleeeease?!?!?!?! (Sometimes there is just too much information!) Grandma showed me this website and I wanted to write a letter thingy. I think it is neat what you old-ins are doing. Good luck and ride safe everybody.
    From your greice Jesika (great 11-year-old neice.)

  24. Doug


    Its good to hear from you!

    (A) Hills? It is a crime to waste a good investment in elevation ( unless of course you are on a mountain bike and dont have big gears

    (B) energy? a Banana to start of course but they dont travel well ,so Power bars keep ya going…unless of course there is beer available.

    (C)End of day? How about a cold beer IN the shower.

    Thanks for the comments…We have made good use of the tools, cables, tubes, and spokes.
    see you soon

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